Our plan


What’s our plan?

Well, we both really wanted to travel for a while, but both had a different destination. When we were talking about this at a sunny 4:20pm, we came to the discovery our destinations are in the same continent. You probably know what we’re typing next (or if not, just read along). We decided to go together.

At first Houda found a job where you can teach English at schools in Myanmar. That’s the reason why we took a course to be able to Teach English as a Foreign Language. In Myanmar we could have had a paid job, but that would mean we needed to stay there for a minimum of 6 months. That’s not what we want. We want to go to different places when we feel like it, without having a contract which doesn’t allow us to do that. We also want to meet different people and experience all kinds of cultures.

That’s when we started talking about different options and found some volunteering programs. Volunteering was something that crossed our minds before. It didn’t seem possible for us, because a lot of those programs are expensive if you want to go for a long period of time (due to agency costs). It sure is a wonderful idea to do instead of a ‘normal’ short vacation, because it’s in the same price range and you do something good! For us with a very small budget, it didn’t look like we could do volunteer work as long as we want. SINCE WHEN DOES IT COST MONEY TO DO GOOD?

So, we started looking again. We didn’t want to believe that was the only option to do good. We don’t want to pay a third party. If we are giving money away, it will be to someone who needs it.

Eventually we found a website where locals ask for help in exchange for food and shelter. That’s how our current plan started to develop. Helping someone who askes for it, without some agency making profit out of it. A lot of hosts on there are looking for English teachers, which is perfect. After all, our first plan was to go and teach anyway. Since we only have to spend money on transportation, we can do good in a lot of places. We immediately made a profile on workaway & helpx and started looking. Soon hosts responded to our profile which means there is much help needed. We decided to look for a starting point in southeast Asia and Indonesia looked like a good first destination. We just booked a ticket to Makassar and wrote a host who is located there, which he replied to.

So that’s where we are right now. 97 days left to save as much as we can. Wish us luck!

Thinking good thoughts is not enough, doing good deeds is not enough, seeing others follow your good examples is enough.





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