Our adventure in Bara

Bara beach in the south of the island Sulawesi (Indonesia) is breath taking, but to see this amazing place you have to be prepared for an exhausting journey to reach it, but once you’re there, you’ll see it’s absolutely worth it.


When you want to reach Bara from Makassar airport, like we did, you have to get three different busses. First you’ll take the Damri bus from the airport which will drop you off at a certain spot where you can get in a pete-pete (that’s a blue taxi bus). We didn’t know about this, but since everyone is really helpful it wasn’t hard to figure out. The pete-pete will bring you to the terminal where you can get a car (shared with other people) and this car will bring you to Bara.


After the long flight from Amsterdam to Singapore and then from Singapore to Makassar an exhausting 5 hours of driving was waiting for us before we finaly would reach our destination since it stops everywhere for food/drinks/anything they can get. It was fun for us, because it was our fist experience with transportation there. It was nice to see how relaxed they spend their day, there’s no rush at all! We’ll get there eventually and that was fine by us, we have time and can sleep in the car (even if you’re smushed in the back with four other people).


So after 30 hours of traveling it’s nice to have a bed waiting for you in a cute bungalow at the beach. When we reached Bira dive camp it was already dark and made us really curious for the next morning. After a good nights sleep, with waves on the background, we woke up in paradise. So the first thing we did was jump in the clear blue sea. Not long after that a group of Indonesian marine students came up to us to take a picture, like we said, there are not many tourists. So when they see a tourist they’re really curious about them. We started talking and they invited us to join them to see other amazing spots near Bara which we would have never found on our own.ย 


That evening we went to their camp on the beach which was next to our bungalow. There we made a campfire, ate some indomie (made on the campfire) and sang some songs. It was AMAZING! Indonesian people are incredibly kind.


The next day we went on a snorkeling adventure with people we met at the hostel. We couldn’t turn it down, because the boat only costs 20 euros for all six of us. The boat first brought us to several snorkeling spots near Liukang Island and after snorkeling we went to the island to have some lunch. The island is just across Bara, but has a totally different atmosphere. After lunch we started talking to the owner and told him about our plan. He was very excited about it and invited us to come and stay at his place if we wanted to teach the local kids English. And of course we said YES! He explained how we could get to the island from Komodo, so that’s what we’ll do after we come back from the Philippines. We can’t wait to go back there and start teaching the local kids there.ย 


Now we will leave Bara to go to Makale, where our very first host will be. We’re curious about how the teaching will go. After two weeks you’ll get the full story!


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