The one with the revelations

Hey! There are a few new revelations in planning our trip!

We finally decided where we’re staying the first couple of days after arriving in Makassar.
Since we do not like big cities, we have been looking for a place to go to near Makassar. So we found Bira, it’s 5 hours by bus from Makassar and it looks absolutely amazing!

We found our first workaway host.
YES!! After Bira we’ll go back to Makassar and take the night bus to Toraja, where our first host will be. This great family who live on an organic farm and do good for their community. Not only by teaching English, but also by helping an organisation which provides surgeries to people who suffer from cleft lip (the organisation is called smile train). We’ll write more about it once we’re there.

We are going to the Philippines!
We were looking on airasia and found a very cheap return ticket to the Philippines, so we could not resist and booked a ticket from October 21st until November 19th. Then we’ll probably return to Indonesia because we really want to see more than just 1 island out of thousands.

We found our first couchsurfing host on the Philippines.
There isn’t much volunteer work with children in the Philippines through workaway or helpx. So we’ve decided to stay with locals using couchsurfing. We made a public trip on the website and got an invitation to stay with someone who openly welcomes us to their home. Everything looked legit so, yeah awesome! Other very kind and helpful people gave us a lot of advice and are helping us planning the trip. (Locals can help you get off the beaten path!) Since we are not using workaway or helpx, we’ll try to find volunteer work in the local area by ourselves.

Our next post will be from Bira, stay tuned for pretty pictures!

Ps. All travel tips are welcome, don’t feel hesitant on giving us advice. We have no clue what we’re up against. We’re reading about every possible thing we can, sure, but it is our first long-term backpacking/volunteering/couchsurfing experience… man.

Our own picture in 40 days!


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