Pre trip chaos!

With all the excitement that is going on, because we’re actually leaving soon, it is hard to keep our heads clear. Therefore it’s always helpful to make a few lists.

Shopping list; backpack, travel gear, clothes, camera & accessories.
Checking the best deals on everything is a MUST for our budget, this costs a lot of time, good thing we have enough of that! Although we must say it is a very satisfying feeling to know that most of what we are taking is either bought at the best possible deal we could find or borrowed (thank you very much, we will take care of it properly or replace it when we come back).

Money list; how much can we save?
The first thing we did when we decided to go was cutting out all luxuries like unnecessary shopping, going out for dinner, cinema’s and even the car. We also tried to lower our phone bill & health insurance (starting 2016). What would cost us money is a creditcard and insurance.

The ticket is booked, but oh crap, OUR BUDGET IS INSANELY SMALL. After multiple freak outs about money we calculated how much we MUST spend on bills vs. how much we can spend there. We came to the conclusion that we have been worried about nothing. We already have the stupid  bill money for a year times three. Doesn’t mean we can stop saving yet. Our spending budget is still pretty small, but that’s a challenge.

Now we’re just going with the flow, and save as much as we can. If the money runs out we can always get a paid job, just to be able to save and later travel on and help. If we don’t stay a year then… well at least we tried!

Must do list; what do we want to see/where do we want to go?
It’s difficult to do research because we have no idea where we will go. Everything looks amazing and everything we read about is suuuuper interesting. So with some overall research done we have decided to make a list along the way.

We have a few things written down but we’re sure there will be plenty of stuff on there eventually. Which will probably take us completely off the “plan” so that’s why we don’t really have a plan. It’s more fun that way.We’ll see what life throws at us.

Beautiful Limburg
Our view from where we wrote this post.

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